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Cuban Lunch Bars


#1 Selling Retro Chocolate Bar In Canada!! 

The Cuban Lunch, a confection of dark chocolate and peanuts, was originally manufactured at the Paulin Chambers chocolate factory in Winnipeg.  It was a favourite of Western Canadians for nearly 70 years before it was pulled from the production line.  It is now flying off shelves with over 2.5M units sold since its revival in December 2018.

Currently ranks above KitKat.


Rum & Butter Bars

The Throwback Bar of '70s Canada Returns!

Canadian Candy Nostalgia, who brought back Cuban Lunch, is bringing back this popular bar from the 70’s!  The iconic Rum & Butter gold foil is back.  Rum & Butter is a smooth, rich, chocolate filled with a creamy rum and butter filling sure to tantalize your taste buds.  Focus Groups have confirmed that the new Rum & Butter bar has the same creaminess and tastes as the iconic bar from years gone by.  Consumers are excited to see it back in stores.


Wheat Crunch 


Wheat Crunch from the '90s!

These satisfying and nutritious vegan, nut free, organic products from Dosch Organic Acres are grown in Saskatchewan and are available in 8 great flavours!  These certified organic products can be enjoyed simply by themselves or on salad, fruit, veggies and more!


The Family Fry Guy Poutine (Only available for locations in Alberta)


Amazingly delicious, famously addictive poutine!

Available in both family size and single serve. The best tasting poutine made by using high quality ingredients sourced throughout western Canada.  The chips go through a unique process that allows the inside to remain moist and soft in the center (not dried out), while keeping 80% of the nutritional value of the potato.  The chips hold their shape and size when heated.  A thick cut chip is used, providing more value to your customers.  Thin and regular cut fries get soggy when gravy is added.  They use quality cheese curds to get that ‘squeak’. You won’t see any shredded cheese, as it simply melts into the gravy.